End of Season 2012

The road season has been over since early September giving the guys at Garage Racing enough time to recover, reflect, and most importantly meet up to figure out what actually happened.  So what did happen in the last months of racing?  Oh, some national championships races...

Starting small and working our way to big: Road Masters Nationals were in Bend, Oregon again this year.  Both Alex Rosenast & Kyle Farrell competed in the time trial, with both ending up mid-field in their age group packs.  Jason Bethel went on the attack in the road race, spending the majority of the race in a 2-man break and doing it the hard way.  Unfortunately an active peleton combined with a long finishing climb didn't work in Jason's favor.

Much bigger: Track Masters Nationals in Colorado.  Aaron Berntson went down and represented Garage in a big way.  I haven't done much track racing myself, but the piece of advice I got from Aaron was about not having a sprint, going for the break, and dieseling it to the line.  "If you're a one hit wonder, ride that pony."  Aaron certainly did in the scratch race.  After trying a couple late moves Aaron managed to pull a gap off the front.  Six laps later Aaron was first across the line for Gold at Nationals!  Congrats Aaron!

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