Garage Geezers Motor to 1st

The last few weeks of the racing season have seen a truly remarkable run of victories by the Garage Masters team.  Excellent teamwork, aggressive racing, and raw horsepower have resulted in a string of 5 consecutive wins for the men in red and black.  The Garage Racing juggernaut has shown the rest of the peloton a clean set of rear wheels at the following events:
  • Olympic View Road Race: 1st - Aaron Bernston
  • Green Valley TT: 1st - Alex Rosenast
  • Vance Creek Road Race: 1st - Nikos Mills
  • State Warmup TT: 1st - Aaron Bernston
  • Ravensdale Road Race: 1st - Aaron Lavin
Adding to the victory tally, the Masters team has yet to lose a race in 8 straight appearances at Pacific Raceways.  With a several tough stage races and crit season coming up, the Garage graybeards are gearing up for some more fun--and hopefully, some more wins.

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