Brad Lewis Crit, KR Road Race

As summer progresses road races head out of favor to crits and shorter circuit races. The past couple weeks Garage Racing was out at the Brad Lewis Crit in Seattle's U-District and made a good dent in the Keller Rohrback Road Race in Eatonville.

On paper the Brad Lewis Crit (ie- Boat Street Crit) is straightforward, but it's deceptively technical and challenging. An incline on the backstretch, some tough cornering, and a small field leave no place to hide. The threat of weather with some raindrops made many leery about the race. At the start line it was 25 racers in the 1-2 field, with Garage having Mike Murdin, Alex Rosenast, and Kyle Farrell up on the line. Seventy five minutes later half the field DNF's, Kyle takes a solo flyer for the wrong 15 minutes of the race, and Murdin rolls across the line 5th. A good day considering the sprinters in the field and the number of DNFs on the day.

Yesterday the team was in the rural and welcoming community of Eatonville for the KR Road Race. Advertised as a relatively flat circuit race, the course was anything but. Again it was 25 racers in the 1-2 field (though not exactly the same as Boat Street), with the addition of the seven racers from the Masters field. Kyle and Zach Jones rode 1-2 with Alex and Neil Casserly in the same field representing for Masters. An early break went without Garage, and without much organized chasing by the pack. Despite numerous attempts to attack and get a bridge group going, the pack pulled up every time. With over three of five 11-mile laps completed, Zach had enough and went for a solo ride off the front. At this point most teams were down to single riders (except for Bikesale, who had about 20). Great move by Zach, with that composite in the pack nobody was going to chase. Zach finished 5th for the day, with Kyle in 7th. Neil took 1st in the Masters field, finishing incognito to the other racers riding Masters.

Earlier in the day Aaron Lavin took 1st in the cat 3's. We've yet to hear his race report. The silence leads the team to assume Aaron was whisked away to put ink to a pro contract and is busy with celebrity fame.


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