MOE Stage Race

Fast roads, slippery corners, and a well-earned feed zone describe Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race.

Day 1 was a 6.5 mile TT. No wind, no rain, no sun. Perfect for 6.5 miles of suffering. MOE’s TT course is tricky; long enough to allow plenty of opportunity to blow up, but so short that you’ll lose precious seconds if you hold back. This year’s course was fast, as several riders broke 13 minutes. In the 1-2 field Andrew Bates, Kyle Farrel, Brian Hitchcock (Hitch), Joe Baum, and Zach Jones represented. Andrew came in at 13:11 for 18th , with the rest of the gang not far behind.

Masters was well represented with Tom Wick, Alex Rosenast, Keven Ruff, Kevin Masterson, Neil Casserly, and Mike Burdo. Alex tore it up for 11th at 13:46. In the 3s, Morgan Coleman rode a 13:27 for 3rd place.

Crit was fast and twisty, and evening rain only added to the excitement. Andrew took 6th place in the 1-2. Alex rode strong for 8th in Masters 30+, while Mike Burdo hammered down for 5th in the Masters 40+ field.

The final stage proved tough for riders in every field. The only real climb of the day was Mud Mtn. Damn Road. While not long enough to ensure any breaks in the pack, the steep punchy hill dropped riders with each lap. The feedzone at the top was a sight for sore legs. Garage pulled through for the finish. With a strong leadout from Kevin and Neil, Tom crossed the line in 8th place. Morgan rode in with the lead group of 25 to secure his GC place in 3rd. Mike rolled in for 6th in GC.

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