Olympic View

While the weather was down (steady drizzle greeted us, with no Olympic views), Garage managed to get up the road.

In the Men’s 1-2 field, Hitch and Andrew made it into the break of the day about half-way through the first of five laps. The group of 7 opened their advantage, and then the distance began popping riders one by one. By the last lap, it was just Hitch, Jamie (KR), Stanko (Audi), and Phil (HB). In the field, John, Zach, and Joe were able to follow the HB machine as they tried to chase down the break. But the break made it to the end – and after a lot of cat-and-mouse, Hitch ended up 3rd. Zach finished up strong in the field, finishing in 9th.

Meanwhile, in the Masters field, Garage had a strong showing. Murdin countered an attack, taking off on a 60-some mile break with only one other guy. They stayed away, and Murdin dropped his break mate to finish up solo. The rest of the guys cleaned up, posting solid results with a pretty spread-out field.

But that wasn’t all. Aaron L ventured into the Category 3 race without any teammates, and managed to come in strong in 6th place.

It seems we like it when it’s wet. Maybe we need more rain?

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