Masters Training Camp for Junior Athletes

Garage Racing is accepting Junior applicants for a Masters training camp. The weekend camp is open to any Junior wishing to excel at Masters-level racing. Training camp will cover many topics:

  • Age Bracketed Racing. Juniors will learn to lobby for narrowly bracketed age graded racing amongst Masters athletes. Topics include limiting field size such that everybody podiums.
  • War Stories 101. To excel at Masters racing, Juniors will learn how to wax poetic about that one race. Back in the day. Juniors will be given a number of races to pull from, most of which are from before they were born.
  • Making a stage race a family vaction. Nothing creates family memories like summer vacations. And if that vacation happens to be to a stage race in Nowhereville then the memories will be that much greater.
  • Complaining. About nothing in particular, just complaining.
  • Funding your racing. How to use your kids college funds for those Zipp 404s.
  • Coffee Stops. Mapping your route to maximize the number of coffee stops and bathroom breaks. No elite Masters athlete should attempt a 4 hour ride unless 3 of those hours are spent in a coffee shop.

Applicants are expected to bring full race kit and meticulously cleaned carbon or steel bike. No bike riding will be allowed.

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