Cherry Blossom

Yo, Oregon, you got something more difficult you can throw our way? Err, this wasn't really what Brian Hitchcock and myself were thinking after last weekend's Cherry Blossom stage race. A very tough weekend in The Dalles, Oregon.

The Columbia River Gorge has some excellent riding, big hills, strong winds, and racers cranking up the hurtitude over four races. Friday's 80 mile road race was a cakewalk compared to Saturday's queen stage. Zero flatland, significant headwinds, big hills, climbs on dirt roads, technical descents; basically the kitchen sink of racing. Hitch lost under 13 minutes on the day, which was more than respectable considering the competition at play. Hitch ended up in the top 20 in GC for the weekend.

Sunday morning was the only time my legs decided to do anything significant. I took 11th in the morning's 8 Mile Creek Time Trial (which, incidentally, is a 10 mile time trial despite the name).

Tough, tough race. I'm sure it won't be any easier next year!

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