End of the Road (Season!)

Garage riders ended the road racing season at the Blackberry Crit on Labor Day weekend. Given the rainy weather on that day, some riders ended the season in the previous weeks. The last couple weeks of August were a blur with fast races, quality anaerobic time, and the team's annual ride down at Mt.Rainier.

Brian Hitchcock made his mark on the last stage of the Eugene Celebration Race. Hitch took the victory in the crit with a tough sprint from the last corner:
From practice laps, I knew it was 300 meters to the line. There were two other guys really going for it, but I just put my head down and drilled it. Went right by them like they were standing still and took the win clearly.
Congrats Hitch! Back in town Mike Burdo took 2nd in the Masters field of the Seward Park Fall Classic. Kyle Farrell was more content to just go for the cash in the 1-2 race. With every lap being worth $5, taking a half dozen laps seemed like a good option. The previous day Kyle took 4th at the Carnation Circuit Race in the 1-2s and Aaron Berntson took 5th in the Masters race earlier the same day.

With September comes the annual team ride down at Mt.Rainier. This is a chance to have a team get together, do a longer ride than the crits and circuits of the season, and pummel each other into oblivion on the climb to Paradise. The weather was excellent for the ride this year and it was a fun end of the season ride. Some pictures from the ride are in the gallery.

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