Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

What was that sound? If it was last Saturday, most likely it was the "whoosh whoosh whoosh" sound of a Garage rider's disc wheel flying along. Garage fielded two teams for the state championship team time trial at Elma this year. The cat 1-2 team of Robert Powell, Brent Carlson, Kyle Farrell, and Aaron Berntson (who dutifully stepped up for the event!) finished in a solid 3rd place and only 14 seconds off of silver. The cat3 team of Alex Rosenast, Gibb Clarke, Tom Wick, and Aaron Lavin nearly put the cat 1-2 team to shame by finishing only 10 seconds behind them at 1:06:01 for the 32 mile course. Gold medals for the four contenders and over 3 minutes ahead of the next team. Nice job!

Sunday evening riders made their way to Kirkland for the 2nd annual Kirkland Criterium. Fast racing and some tricky corners didn't stop the cat3 team from another great result. Garage put three riders in the top 10 with Brian Hitchcock on the podium for 3rd. Great weekend guys, let's keep it up.

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