Ballard, Ravensdale: Awards ?

A few awards for outstanding achievement are in order from the past weekend of racing:

Energizer Bunny Award: After doing a ton of work throughout the Ballard crit, Tom Wick gave Alex Rosenast a super leadout for 3rd and still held on for 4th in the Cat 3 race. And as if that isn't enough, Tom was in the 55 mile break that stayed away for 5th at Ravensdale the next day. Just can't stop that guy.

Most Clever Use of a Disguise: Josh Gunn made a Seattle appearance on Sunday wearing some garish green and blue disguise. No one ever suspected he was a Garage double agent. The team kept a straight face as everyone in the pack asked who the the guy with no fashion sense was that dropped the pack like an anchor.

Murdin Award:
This award goes to someone who finds the most creative way to get dropped from a race. Past recipients have had crank arms fall off, loose wheel skewers, slipping seat posts, etc. This award goes to Kevin Masterson for finding the only wheel-destroying chasms off the side of the road two minutes into the Ravensdale Road Race.

Big Cojones Award: A little over 2 months since the birth of Jett Murdin, Kele shows the rest of the guys on the team who's really tough and takes a top 10 in the Ballard crit and a prime along the way. All this while taking care of two babies at home!

Fish Out of Water Award: Leaving the sanctuary of the pavement behind, Kyle Farrell hit the trails for Leavenworth's Bike & Brews mountain bike race. Rumor has it the roadie attempted to draft riders at 4 mph uphill as he tried to position himself for non-existent prime laps.

Thanks to Nikos for contributing the excellent write-up!

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