April Update

April was a busy month for the boys of Garage Racing. Early April saw the first crits with Volunteer Park. Photos from the race are in the gallery. Flavio Rattazzi had a good race in the Masters field, finishing 4th. The first crit came at a high price, with both Dan Hazzard and Chris Teufel coming away with substantial injuries. Best of luck to for a speedy recovery and welcome them back to the peleton when they're back on the bike.

The Green Valley Time Trial brought excellent results for the usual suspects. Flavio not only had the fastest time of the day taking the win in the cat 1-2 field, but pulled a 3rd place finish in the Masters field in a second run. In fact, the Masters field was dominated by Garage with Matt Hill in second, Gibb Clark in fourth, and Mike Burdo in seventh. The cat 3 team showed similar dominance with Alex Rosenast in 2nd by a wide margin and Tom Wick finishing 7th.

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