Back from Centralia and posting results at Ice Breaker

Late February has become synonymous with a weekend in Centralia. This year was no different. The team scouted out the Independence Valley road course on Saturday and headed over to the Tenino Time Trial course on Sunday. A spirited ride to say the least; everyone pushed themselves to the limit at one point or another during the weekend. Kudos to Robert Powell for being route master extraordinaire!

Having driven each other into the ground the previous weekend, this past Sunday the team turned to racing against the clock at the Ice Breaker Time Trial. Apparently changing diapers is excellent time trial training: Flavio Rattazzi lead the team with a 3rd place in the Cat1/2 field and 1st place in Masters A/B while Jason Bethel was 3rd in Masters A/B. Alex Rosenast continues to dominate Cat3 time trials with his 2nd place finish.

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