How I Spent the Off-Season

"Off season" may be a bit of a misnomer, but it did exist for many of us. We've assessed the previous season, set goals for 2009, and found time to patch that tubular that flatted back in July. A daring bunch said "what off season?" and jumped straight into cyclocross. For many of us it meant leisurely team rides on familiar roads. Others, a weekend at home off the bike with no travels to races at corners of the state.

Whether the "off season" is too short or too long, it's near finished. Soon it'll be time to see if that patched tubular holds air and shoot for those 2009 goals. The cyclocross bike is no longer the bike nearest the door; though it still needs a good cleaning. The word "leisurely" has been dropped from team rides. And Garage riders are gearing up for a weekend camp in Centralia.

Watch out 2009. We're ready for ya.

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